Yemen’s army retakes control of camp Khalid from Houthi militias

The control of Khalid camp came after a violent attack, supported by intensive air raids led by Saudi Arabia.

:: Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi praised the national army’s victory for achieving full control over Khalid ibn al-Walid strategic camp west of Taiz, Yemen News Agency reported on Wednesday.

The control of Khalid camp came after a violent attack, supported by intensive air raids led by Saudi Arabia and with the participation of Apache helicopters.

The camp acquired its strategic importance from both the military and the tactical standpoint.

Camp Khalid ibn al-Walid is approximately 12 square kilometers. It is located at Mukha junction west of Taiz and at the crossroads between the provinces of Taiz and Hudaydah in the west of Yemen.

It is one of the most important camps and the most powerful fortifications under the control of the coupists. The collapse of the Khalid camp in the hands of the legitimate Yemeni government will lead to the liberation of strategic militant fronts in Taiz according to experts.

The camp is 60 kilometers away from Taiz and 40 kilometers from the city of Al-Mukha. It is the second line of defense from Mukha coast and the vital and important targets in the city.

The first line of defense on the main road and strategic link between the provinces of Taiz and Hodeidah, according to the official spokesman for the leadership of the axis of Taiz, Colonel Mansour al-Hassani.

Al-Hassani pointed out that Khalid’s camp is strategically important for being at the crossroads of two important roads: Taiz Al-Hodeidah and Taiz Al-Mukha to Khukha.

Colonel al-Hassani said that the camp is also located close to the Bab al-Mandab international passageway, and exemplifies the depth of the military axis in Taiz to defend Bab al-Mandab.

As for the tactical importance of the camp, al-Hassani says it is located in an area of several coastal districts west of Taiz. The coup militias have benefited from this advantage, reinforcing all coastal fighting fronts from this camp.

According to Colonel al-Hassani the last stronghold for the coup militias is in the west of Taiz, which is now being seized and controlled by the national army.

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