The Rise Of Islam


Summoned by its call, the faithful spread Islam across the Arabian Peninsula. Within a century, Islam had swept across the Middle East and North Africa. At its apogee, Islam held sway as far as Spain in the west and India and China in the east. Islam introduced a comprehensive faith and a political-legal system that established order and justice.

Islam fostered the flowering of brilliant civilizations and the development of great centers of learning. It was a period of dynamism, a melding of ancient and new thought, with the Muslim world acting as the repository of knowledge and a bridge between the east and the west. Great contributions were made by Muslim scholars and artists. Islamic civilization – rich, sophisticated and varied – has taken its place among the great cultural achievements of human history. The genius of Muslim civilization set the stage for the European Renaissance.

In the 20th century, Islam reemerged on the world stage as a major political and economic presence. Despite great changes in traditional societies as well as the demands of the contemporary age, Islam has demonstrated its unique adaptability and grown as a dynamic and universal religion with a continued impact on world affairs. Through its emphasis on peace, equality, tolerance and justice, Islam remains a strong spiritual and moral force in many countries and societies.

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