Saudi Crown Prince, US Secretary of Defense discuss troop deployment

Saudi Crown Prince, US Secretary of Defense discuss troop deployment

:: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received a phone call on Wednesday from the US Secretary of Defense during which they discussed ongoing arrangements to send US troops of a More »

Saudi Energy Minister confirms restoration of Kingdom’s gas production capacity

Saudi Energy Minister confirms restoration of Kingdom’s gas production capacity

:: Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy confirmed on Wednesday the restoration of production capacity, affirming the Kingdom’s position as a reliable energy supplier in the global market. The energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz More »

Egypt calls Erdogan statements ‘ironic,’ accuses Turkey of sponsoring terrorism

Egypt calls Erdogan statements ‘ironic,’ accuses Turkey of sponsoring terrorism

:: Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesman, Ahmed Hafez, slammed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements at the UN General Assembly this week where he urged the UN to “handle the suspicious death of More »

Saudi Crown Prince: Attacks are test of int’l resolve against destructive acts

Saudi Crown Prince: Attacks are test of int’l resolve against destructive acts

:: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Wednesday that the attacks on Saudi Aramco oil facilities are a test of international resolve in the face of destructive acts that More »

Saudi Crown Prince says attacks on oil facilities are a ‘dangerous escalation’

Saudi Crown Prince says attacks on oil facilities are a ‘dangerous escalation’

:: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the recent attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities represented a “dangerous escalation not only toward the Kingdom but also the entire world.” The Crown More »


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Why Egypt has a different take on Russian airstrikes in Syria

By : Shounaz Meky Egypt stands unwavering in its support of Russia’s military intervention in Syria, a stance that reflects the strength of relations between the two countries, but also raises questions on Cairo’s policy towards the Syrian crisis. On

Russia, US To Cooperate On Islamic State

Sergey Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Russia and the United States have agreed to enhance their discussions on cooperation against the Islamic State. Through foreign and defense ministers, both nations will keep a dialogue open to reach common

Abbas out of options, out of synch with angry Palestinians

Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to drop a “bombshell” in a speech to the United Nations this week – prompting speculation that he will sever ties with Israel over its settlement expansion and other hard-line policies. The warning reflects

China Energy Profile: Fastest-Growing Economy And Largest Energy Consumer In World

Map of China

China is the world’s most populous country with a fast-growing economy that has led it to be the largest energy consumer and producer in the world. Rapidly increasing energy demand, especially for petroleum and other liquids, has made China influential

Insulting Egypt’s revolutions: Criminalization vs. free speech

By : Sonia Farid “The Jan. 25 revolution is a reality that no one can ever question,” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi told journalists, adding that a law to criminalize insulting the revolution would be issued shortly. The decision came

What is Egypt’s Islamist uprising about?

By : Sonia Farid Nov. 28 is the date set for the start of an Islamist uprising termed “the battle for Egyptian identity.” The call was first made in a YouTube video that explained the reasons why Egyptian Muslims should

What’s the future for non-Jews in the ‘Jewish state’?

By : Paul Crompton Israel’s cabinet on Sunday voted in favor of a proposal to enshrine in law Israel’s status as the homeland of the Jewish people, a move which if passed by the parliament would weaken further the status

How ‘treacherous’ is criticizing Egypt’s president?

By Sonia Farid Egyptian actor Khaled Abul Naga might be facing high treason charges for criticizing the policies of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. According to the lawsuit, filed by lawyer Samir Sabry, Abul Naga insulted the president, incited the public

Could army raids in Lebanon strum up support for ISIS?

By Martin Armstrong In the streets of Bab al-Tabbaneh the edifices of buildings, former homes, crumble like wet cardboard, decaying onto the sidewalk offset by a brooding, cloud-covered sky. Occasionally structures that have escaped damage — an interior stair-case, a

Getting resourceful about resource scarcity

By Kristel van der Elst and Nicholas Davis You have been exposed to numerous scientific reports, convincing op-eds, detailed industry briefings, alarming investors’ notes, and speeches by the world’s top experts on natural resources. Yet you’re still not sure whether

How serious is Spain about recognizing Palestine?

By Salma El Shahed The Spanish parliament voted Tuesday in favor of a resolution urging Madrid to recognize Palestine, becoming the third legislative house in the European Union to take such a step after the UK and Ireland. The edict,

Iran nuclear talks haunted by ISIS, history

Bill Clinton tried. So did George W. Bush. Neither succeeded. As President Barack Obama’s own second term winds down, he is getting closer than either of his immediate predecessors to the goal of improving U.S. relations with Iran. But he’s

Fate of Egyptian NGOs hangs in the balance

By Sonia Farid Nov. 10 marked the expiry of the ultimatum given to Egyptian NGOs to “adjust their legal status” by registering under law 84, which dates back to ousted President Hosni Mubarak. The registration decree was issued in July

Analysts: Tunisian Islamists maneuver for presidency

Analysed By: Asma Ajroudi Tunisia’s Islamist Ennahda party has said it will not back any candidate in the upcoming presidential election, in a move that could open the floor for its secular opponents to rule the country. However, experts say

Iraqi militias grow brutal in anti-ISIS fight

The vengeance that Iraq’s Shiite militias mete out as they fight the Islamic State group can be just as savage as that of their sworn sectarian enemies. In a grisly video recently posted online, a Shiite fighter shouts the name

Emerging nuclear powers: a safe path to energy security?

Analysed By: Fatih Birol and Armen Sarkissian World Economic Forum – Future Global Agenda series Demand for electricity in the emerging economies is growing very strongly – between 5% and 6% each year, on average, compared to 1% or less

How the Gaza attacks can blow Palestine recognition efforts

Analysed By: Rajia Aboulkheir and Mustapha Ajbaili The overnight bombing that targeted the homes of Fatah leaders in the Gaza Strip and which the movement blamed on Hamas threaten to tear up the Palestinian unity government and slow the international

Egypt’s Sinai evacuations: A case of displacement for security?

Analysed By: Sonia Farid Creating a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip has been the Egyptian government’s priority since the Oct. 24 attack that killed more than 30 soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula. The plan, which promises

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