Saudi Arabia is balance of power in region

Libyan National Army Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Mismari.

:: The support being provided by the Qatari regime and Turkey to the “Muslim Brotherhood” and other terrorist groups, comes from a creedal perspective, the spokesman of the Libyan National Army Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Mismari said in an interview to Okaz on Monday.

Asked how he views the efforts of the Kingdom in maintaining stability in the region, Al-Mismari stressed that Saudi Arabia is the “Islamic and Arab balance of power” and its presence is “decisive” (crucial?), as it is carrying out a prominent role in fighting terror.

He added that Turkey is looking for a presence and a foothold in the Muslim countries. After its rejection from the European Union (EU), Turkey has returned to the Muslim world, but in doing so it collided with the Saudi and Egyptian giants and the rest of the Arab and Muslim countries.

Asked where the Libyan National Army has reached in its war against terror groups and cleaning the Libyan territories of these groups, Al-Mismari said the comprehensive war is continuing in cleaning the Libyan regions of extremist groups. They have reached the southern region, starting with the southwest. The Libyan Army is fighting all terrorist groups including Daesh (so-called IS), Al-Qaeda, and the terrorist Brotherhood militias, receiving support from Doha and Ankara.

Al-Mismari is optimistic they will rid all these gangs from the region, despite the operations just starting. He added that the south includes parts of Libya that have become safe havens for terrorists after defeating them in Benghazi, Sirt, Darnah and the Oil Crescent Zone.

The Libyan Army does not enter any region except with popular support from the citizens there, Al-Mismari stressed.

Asked for evidence, as they have always blamed the Qatari regime and Turkey of supporting the terrorist militias, Al-Mismari said the Qatari support is not recent.

“It has been there since the fall of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Thereafter Qatar has pledged to provide direct support to the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. The Brotherhood struck alliances with terrorist groups engaged in the fighting and a wing of ‘Al-Qaeda in Libya’, which is receiving financial, political and media support from Qatar.”

These terrorist groups are also receiving support from Turkey at all levels and the Libyan National Army has cogent proof on this, Al-Mismari asserted.

He said Qatari weapons have been flowing into Libya via ships since 2012 and then via planes that landed in Libyan airports. The Qatari support has destroyed the Libyan infrastructure and made the country a hot spot that attracts terrorists.

He added that they are convinced the support from Qatar and Turkey emanates from a creedal perspective and creedal support is very dangerous.

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