Abadi rejects Hezbollah’s deal to move ISIS to Iraqi borders

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi rejected Hezbollah’s deal to move ISIS elements from the Lebanese borders.

:: Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi rejected Hezbollah’s deal to move ISIS elements from the Lebanese borders to the Syrian-Iraqi ones.

Hezbollah militias have allowed elements of ISIS to ride buses to get out of Jroud and go to Deir al-Zour under an agreement involving the Syrian regime amid controversial accusations that Hezbollah is making deals at the expense of the Lebanese army.

Hezbollah militias in Lebanon was lately accused of the obstruction of national political will and the undermining the efforts of Lebanese institutions. It was against negotiations with ISIS and Nusrah groups and eventually got involved in the move.

As for the abducted soldiers, Hezbollah launched a battle called clearing Jroud from terrorists, set the launching date, before retreating and making a deal with the so-called terrorists and opening a safe route for their retreat.

They pushed the state to hand three of the security prisoners in Roumieh prison in exchange for a number of its fighters who were received as heroes.

The Lebanese decision to eliminate ISIS in Jroud, came with regional and international blessing. It was met with many obstacles and criticisms by Hezbollah, who refused again to negotiate with ISIS, but then facilitated the exit of ISIS fighters and their families to Deir al-Zour in front of the whole world.

The most prominent scene was that ISIS fighters turned themselves in to Hezbollah instead of the Lebanese army.

While the army was on its way to eliminate ISIS in Lebanon and restore the authority of the state, a cease-fire agreement was imposed, abandoning its precondition to know the fate of its abducted soldiers; the agreement was made by Hezbollah and the Syrian regime.

The final battle scene looked as such; Hezbollah won by getting out its captured fighters from Al-Nusra, the latter moved to a secure area, while ISIS for the first time got out safe and strengthened its front in Deir al-Zour.

As for the Lebanese army, it was deprived of the final victory and the people’s support it had received before, and appeared as if it was unable to protect its soldiers.

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