Egyptian brothers sing hilarious song for sister on her wedding

Ameera with her brothers Ahmad and Mohammad El-Bessa.

:: Two brothers recently became one of the most talked-about topics in Egypt for performing a special song for their only sister at her wedding, making the glorious occasion even more memorable.

Brothers of the bride, Ahmad and Mohammad El-Bessa, created a song for their younger sister Ameera in a special celebration of their brother-sister bond.

As the song made its way to social media, it garnered over 5 million views, and the family has been invited to speak about the video on Egyptian TV channels.

Ahmad El-Bessa told Arab News: “We wanted to surprise her on her big day, with something that she would always remember, and to remind her that she will be deeply missed.”

He said the whole idea was inspired by the love story between Ameera and her partner Hassan, who’ve been in a relationship for four years, since college days.

“We were happy when she told us that she was in love and that she was being loved by someone like Hassan, who became a member of the family when he came to our house and showed his intention to marry our sister.

“Given that they were engaged in their third year in college, Hassan still had to graduate, serve in the army for one year, then find a job.

“It took them four years until they finally got married, and that’s what we say in the song, ‘and she’s finally getting married’ after all they have been through.”

The song’s family-oriented lyrics were recreated with a melody of a popular soft drink ad in Egypt. It went over the struggles and joys of the bride and the groom until the day came true.

Instead of being a casual romantic brother-sister dance song, the guys decided to add a funny twist to it.

The lyrics by the brothers celebrate their “separation” from their sister, telling her “we want you to leave the house… and once you do, it will be very quiet!”

It then goes: “And she is getting married, that’s the moment we’ve been waiting for… and she will be taking with her, all the gehaz (new household purchases) she had kept in our room.”

The brothers danced and sang in complete harmony at their sister’s wedding. Despite not looking very serious in the video, both brothers are actually doctors.

El-Bessa said the family didn’t expect that the video would go viral.

Commenting on Ameera’s reaction to the performance, El-Bessa said his sister burst into tears, saying she couldn’t have asked for better siblings.

Not only that, but many girls on social media began asking for siblings like Ahmad and Mohammad, with some comparing their brothers to the duo.

“I’m congratulating you [Ameera] twice, on your wedding and on having brothers like them,” one Facebook user wrote in her comments to the bride.

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