GACA lists those who can use VIP lounges

VIP Launge

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has defined seven categories of people who can use the VIP lounges, free of charge, at various airports in the Kingdom.

Well-informed sources were quoted as saying by a local newspaper on Sunday that the first category includes princes and their families, their wife or wives and in-laws.

The second includes princesses and their families, husbands, children, father and mother-in-law who are not royals and two other main beneficiaries.

The third category includes the family members of presidents of the GCC countries, husbands and wives who are not royals and their parents. The fourth category comprises ministers and top-ranking employees, members of the Supreme Judicial Council, members of the Council of Senior Scholars, members of the Supreme Court, presidents of Appeals Courts, heads of investigation and public prosecution bodies, officers of the rank of colonel, general and retirees in such ranks and their families, wives and children below 25 years of age, unmarried daughters regardless of their age and fathers and mothers with two of the main beneficiaries.

The fifth category defined by GACA includes the imams of the Grand Mosque, working members of the Shoura Council and their families.

Employees in the 15th rank in government, officers of the ranks of brigadier and heads of the diplomatic mission and ambassadors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 15th rank with their families can also use the VIP lounges.

Ambassadors serving in the Kingdom, their representatives and consular, military attaché serving in the Kingdom have also been included in the category of those who can use the VIP lounges on the condition that GACA receives a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to that effect.


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