Role of family in thwarting extremism stressed


A number of experts have stressed the importance of the family’s pivotal role in preventing children from being exposed to deviant thoughts and attempts by terrorist groups to recruit them.

All educational institutions, schools and universities have an important role in protecting children from deviant thoughts. The experts emphasized the importance of the educational curriculum in promoting the principles and values of moderation.

Ahmad Al-Zahran, a faculty member at Umm Al-Qura University, said: “During a recent education conference, I discussed extremism and its link with terrorism, and the role of higher education in fighting both. I said that our education curricula and disciplines are not enough to fight extremism. The subject matter contained in our literature are not enough to combat the enemies of Islam; they do not include ways of fighting deviant thoughts.”

He added the family must open the way for dialogue among its members in order to build the links of affection and sympathy so that each member can discuss with, and seek the advice of, the members of the family.

Abdullah Al-Nufaiei, professor of law at Taif University, noted the importance of the family. “The family is the strongest shield for protecting its members and making them immune to deviant thinking. Without the support of a family, youngsters, in particular, could become easy victims of deviant behavior and ideas,” he said.

“Intellectuals, academics and educators have a great responsibility on their shoulders. They should review and ensure the accuracy of every piece of information presented to the students,” he said.

Assaf Al-Qurashi, a retired brigadier-general and expert in security matters, said: “The family has a pivotal role in protecting their children against deviant thoughts. Parents should monitor their children and be familiar with their close friends and know where and how they spend their time. This can be done through dialogue and by convincing them that family members care for them. Children should be warned of the grave consequences of following deviant thoughts that have nothing to do with the good, peaceful, tolerant principles and values of Islam.”

Adel Menwer, a sociology professor, said extremism and terrorism were strange crimes that are in no way linked to the tolerant and peaceful Islamic religion, or the good and peaceful Saudi society. “Such devious and diabolic extremism and terrorism aim to dismantle the fabric of our community,” he said. “These attempts clearly are manifested by targeting our children and young people with social media and other means. We must ask what the role of the family is. If terrorist groups succeed in attracting our children, this is a very serious and grave indicator of the family’s failing to perform its functions.”

Princess Bassma bint Saud, a prominent columnist, said it was very important to protect the youth from extremism. She emphasized the role of the family in protecting children against all attempts to attract them to the abyss of deviant thoughts. “I personally urge the Ministry of Education to reconsider its textbooks and curriculum. What is written in these texts should be the initial steps toward the principles of moderation.”

The princess praised and commended the efforts of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman. “He is always alert — he sees and reads everything,” she added.


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