Unique mosques deliver a message of light

Al-Khaif Mosque in Mina.
Namirah Mosque in Arafat.

Namirah Mosque in Arafat.

Many mosques in the Islamic world are similar in terms of features and shape, but the mosques where the holy rituals are performed are different. They are closed all year round due to their location away from population centers, until their doors open for days and nights on end without being closed at all during the Haj season.

The most famous mosques among them include Namirah Mosque, Al-Khaif Mosque and Al-Baiaa Mosque.

Namirah Mosque with its majestic minarets is one of the most important mosques, and is situated in Arafat, a few kilometers from Makkah. Every year, more than 450,000 worshippers perform noon and afternoon joint prayers in this mosque. The building of the Namirah Mosque has passed through several stages of life, as it was rebuilt for the first time during the 2nd Century Hijri. During the Saudi era, it witnessed the largest expansion as its area reached about 18,000 square meters. In addition, several service projects have taken place including renovation and the increased provision of toilets, making it the third largest mosque in terms of space after the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque. The historic Al-Khaif Mosque stands out with its brick-red color in Mina. It is also called the 30-day Mosque because it is open for about 30 days throughout the year. The mosque includes 403 columns, which are each characterized by their interesting geometric shapes.

Like everything else in Mina, this famous mosque has undergone many changes. There are now several entrances for women and more than 100,000 worshippers can be accommodated in the mosque for each of the five daily prayers.

Housing units have also been established beside the mosque for senior guests of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs during the pilgrimage seasons, in addition to the administrative offices attached to it.

Al-Baiaa Mosque is located in the eastern part of Makkah. It still carries its historical shape, and is believed to have been built during the era of Caliph Abu-Jaafar Al-Mansour in the year 144 AH. In the place where the mosque exists, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) concluded an allegiance pledge with the 12 leaders of two great Arabian tribes: the Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj, who came from Madinah.

The 500 square meter mosque is distinguished by its old building that has no roof, minarets or windows. It is built of stones and bricks and is usually closed except for during the Haj season.

Al-Khaif Mosque in Mina.

Al-Khaif Mosque in Mina.


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