Makkah imam says Gulf alliance to help Yemenis

Khatib and Imam at the Grand Mosque in Makkah Sheikh Saleh bin Homaid delivering his Friday sermon.

Khatib and Imam at the Grand Mosque in Makkah Sheikh Saleh bin Homaid delivering his Friday sermon.

Khatib and Imam at the Grand Mosque in Makkah Sheikh Saleh bin Homaid and Khatib and Imam at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah Sheikh Salah Al-Budair pledged their allegiance to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Naif and Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman during their Friday sermons.

Bin Homaid stressed the stability and security in the Kingdom under the reign of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, despite the fact that the country is at war, while in other countries at war people would be afraid, prices would spiral and food would be hoarded and become scarce.

”The land of the two holy mosques has never been hostile to another country or an aggressor, as it does not have any expansionist ambitions, which is evident in its moderate and balanced policies, and in its dealings. We know for certain that all Muslims are attached to this country through ties of faith, religion and the holy locations,” the sheikh said.

”The love of Muslims to this country springs from their love for their religion, as the place where the Holy Quran was revealed, the

place of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the place of his flight and his final resting place. That is why our society, religion, politics and leaders are united and the country’s policies have received unprecedented backing of Arab and Muslim countries and the entire world,” the sheikh pointed out.

He added that it was the trust in this country, its status, credibility, and its leadership that made the Arab and Islamic alliance receive such acceptance and popularity. ”It made all rally around it and hand it the rein of leadership in the Decisive Storm alliance.”

”This country, which takes care and serves the two Holy Mosques, sensed impending danger to the entire region, and with the blessing of the Almighty Allah, and the wisdom of the country’s leadership, created this alliance to help the Yemeni people against the Houthi rebels who ravaged Yemen and attempted to destroy the legitimacy of their government,” Bin Homaid said.

The sheikh added that the alliance is led by Riyadh. ”Salman of unity, tolerance and unanimous views, who rules Riyadh is the Salman of decisiveness and determination; Salman of honor and dignity, is a man of will and administration, who has a deep understanding of the issues of the Muslim and Arab Ummah, and who is industrious and discreet, deeply understanding and taking bold decisions,” the sheikh said.

He added that the goal of Decisive Storm is to spread peace, empower legitimacy and bring all parties to dialogue.

Bin Homaid called on the Yemenis to stop their squabbles and to turn to peace and reconstruction and struggle for reform with determination and hope.

He addressed the king saying that the Ummah is waiting for more decisive storms against extremism, terror, sectarianism, racism, poverty and corruption from him.

Sheikh Salah Al-Budair, in his sermon at the Prophet’s Mosque, observed that the greatest blessing for the people in the Kingdom is that the country is standing on the strong foundation of Islam, tawhid, faith and sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), Shariah and unity, and solidarity of the people.

The sheikh also prayed for the success of the royal orders seekingstability in governance, while declaring his allegiance to

Prince Mohammed bin Naif as crown prince and Prince Mohammed bin Salman as deputy crown prince.


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