Saudi Crown Prince, US Secretary of Defense discuss troop deployment

Saudi Crown Prince, US Secretary of Defense discuss troop deployment

:: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received a phone call on Wednesday from the US Secretary of Defense during which they discussed ongoing arrangements to send US troops of a More »

Saudi Energy Minister confirms restoration of Kingdom’s gas production capacity

Saudi Energy Minister confirms restoration of Kingdom’s gas production capacity

:: Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy confirmed on Wednesday the restoration of production capacity, affirming the Kingdom’s position as a reliable energy supplier in the global market. The energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz More »

Egypt calls Erdogan statements ‘ironic,’ accuses Turkey of sponsoring terrorism

Egypt calls Erdogan statements ‘ironic,’ accuses Turkey of sponsoring terrorism

:: Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesman, Ahmed Hafez, slammed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements at the UN General Assembly this week where he urged the UN to “handle the suspicious death of More »

Saudi Crown Prince: Attacks are test of int’l resolve against destructive acts

Saudi Crown Prince: Attacks are test of int’l resolve against destructive acts

:: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Wednesday that the attacks on Saudi Aramco oil facilities are a test of international resolve in the face of destructive acts that More »

Saudi Crown Prince says attacks on oil facilities are a ‘dangerous escalation’

Saudi Crown Prince says attacks on oil facilities are a ‘dangerous escalation’

:: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the recent attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities represented a “dangerous escalation not only toward the Kingdom but also the entire world.” The Crown More »


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Israel strikes Hezbollah in Syria, intercepts ground-to-air missile

Israeli fighter jets launched three raids targeting Lebanese militia Hezbollah in Syria overnight, Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported. The aircraft also carried out several other strikes, prompting the launch of ground-to-air missiles in response, one of which was intercepted, the army

Compulsions surrounding Russia and Israel over Syria

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

By : Abdulrahman al-Rashed All stakeholders in the region are trying to re-reposition themselves to prepare for the expected Russian plan, anticipating an agreement to end the war in Syria. This is indeed an important period in terms of the

Lebanese businessman wanted by US for financing Hezbollah detained in Morocco

A lawyer for a Lebanese businessman that the US says has provided millions of dollars to the Hezbollah group says his client has been arrested by Moroccan authorities. The lawyer for Kassim Tajeddine says he was arrested in Casablanca on

After invading Syria, does Hezbollah threaten Israel or Turkish-Saudi interests?

When the Shiite group’s fighters first poured into Syria to fight the mostly Sunni rebels, many observers expected Hezbollah to be worn down and its reputation as the pre-eminent anti-Israel force to be tarnished as it was dragged into a

Aoun, Hariri’s Hezbollah comments lay bare Lebanon’s political divide

Lebanon’s Prime Minister called Hezbollah’s arms illegitimate on Tuesday after its President said the group’s military wing was vital to its security, spelling out the country’s political divisions more clearly than at any time since they took office. A staunch

Iraqi Hezbollah leader killed

The secretary of Iraqi Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah (Hezbollah Brigades) has been killed according to Iraqi security source. Bassem al-Mousawi died of wounds at a hospital in central Basra after attackers boarding a pickup truck shot at his vehicle, seriously

Opposition denies army grabs Syria water spring

Syrian government forces entered the village of Ain al-Fija near Damascus on Saturday and took control from rebels of a spring and pumping station that supply most of the capital’s water, a military media unit run by Lebanese group Hezbollah

Hezbollah militia says it found crashed Israeli drone

The Lebanese Iranian- backed militia Hezbollah said that it has located an Israeli drone that crashed in Lebanese territory and has taken it to a secure location for inspection, a source in Hezbollah said on Tuesday. The Israeli military said

Houthi commander admits: Iran training us

A Houthi militia leader has confessed that both Iran and Hezbollah have been heavily involved in training their fighters. Abu Mohammed, who was in charge of rocket attacks in the al-Nihm district in Yemen, made the confession after surrendering. He

Hezbollah woman tries recruiting Saudi citizen for $2,000 a month

Conspiracy charges have been pressed against a Saudi citizen for having links with Hezbollah, which has been designated a terrorist organization by several countries. Saudi daily newspaper Okaz has reported that the suspect initiated contacts with al-Manar News Channel, owned

Did Iran’s arms to Hezbollah violate a UN embargo?

The United Nations chief expressed concern to the Security Council that Iran may have violated an arms embargo by supplying weapons and missiles to Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, according to a confidential report, seen by Reuters on Sunday. The second

Agreement on Wadi Barada between Syrian regime and opposition

Syrian opposition factions denied reports of a cease-fire in Wadi Barada in the Damascus suburbs. An official from the Ahrar al-Sham movement said the report from Hezbollah about reaching a ceasefire agreement for several hours between all the factions in

Mouallimi: Assad’s regime and allies destroying Syria

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Abdullah al-Mouallimi, on Wednesday accused the Syrian regime and their Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies of bombing and destroying Syrian cities. Mouallimi pointed out that Aleppo is witnessing a dramatic situation, with most

Saudi vows to combat Hezbollah activities

The Cabinet on Monday renewed the Kingdom’s determination to fight the terrorist activities of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and to continue work with partners around the world to expose its terrorist and criminal activities. This was reaffirmed during the

Former Hezbollah leader slams group as US-Russia ‘pawns’

Subhi al-Tufayli, the former leader of the Iran-backed Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah has slammed the group for its aggression in Syria. Hezbollah joined the war in 2012 in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and has been a key player

Tribunal continues trial of Hezbollah’s Badreddine

A UN-backed tribunal to try the killers of Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri said Wednesday it would continue its trial in absentia of Hezbollah military chief Mustafa Badreddine, said to have been killed in May. Judges at The Hague-based court said

Arab parliament tells Iran ‘don’t politicize hajj’

The Arab parliament said on Tuesday that hajj should not be politicized and exploited to target Saudi Arabia. In a statement at the end of its final session, it said that the sanctity of the Two Holy Mosques and holy

Kuwait to deport 60 Lebanese for alleged Hezbollah links: report

Kuwait is to deport 60 Lebanese for alleged links to Hezbollah in the latest Gulf Arab move against the Shiite militant group, a newspaper reported on Monday. Those to be deported all had permanent residency which has been revoked, Al-Qabas

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