Al-Birk: Saudi islands dot the Red Sea with virgin nature

Al-Birk on the Red Sea coast west of Asir region.

The islands belonging to the province of Al-Birk on the Red Sea coast west of Asir region have a virgin nature that attracts lovers of marine tourism and fishing.

The islands are characterized by their charming nature and environmental diversity, which is different from other Saudi islands in the Red Sea.

Photos by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) captured during a tour of Al-Birk showed the natural elements of the islands that qualify it to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the near future. Moreover, it is characterized by the white sand of its beaches, the coral reefs that permeate its depths, next to a variety of trees that are no more than a meter high and are called “mangroves,” and rocky islands where elements of erosion and sea waves have painted beautiful portraits.

These islands are Hasr, Muqt, Marka, Qutoa, Mount Dhahban and Umm Al-Qusha. Muhammad Al-Hilali is part of the governorate of Al-Birk and specializes in the profession of sea fishing. The distances traveled by tourists to the islands vary, and the nearest one to the beaches of the governorate is the island of Hasr, which covers an area of about 3 square kilometers and is about 1 nautical mile off the coast. Many species of seabirds and wild pigeons live in the mangrove trees.

He told the SPA that some of the most famous birds on the island are the Hilali, Nawras, Flamingo and Al-Bahtha.

The island of Mount Dhahban, which is about 10 miles from the coast, is famous for the existence of many old buildings in its eastern side. It is said that it was inhabited for a period and is surrounded by mangroves.

The island of Hadara, or what fishermen know as Moqt Island, is about 15 nautical miles northwest of Al-Birk. It is a sandy island containing multiple species of sea birds such as seagulls and swans, in addition to groups of dolphins. It is surrounded by coral reefs rich with fish including coral trout. It is also considered one of the most popular places for fishermen.

The Marka sandy island lies west of Al-Birk province and is 12 nautical miles from the coast. It was one of the first islands frequented by foreign tourists. It is famous for its large number of seagulls. Northwest of Al-Birk stands the island of Qutoa, which is about 29 nautical miles from the province. It is a large island with an area of more than 20 million square meters.

It is characterized by harboring a small lake. The island is surrounded by eight rocky islands that abound with coral reefs.

One of the highlights of the island is the presence of rocks carved by the waves in an attractive manner.

Like other islands, Al-Birk contains various species of animals and plants, especially birds, of which swans are the most popular.

There are several other smaller islands off the shores of Al-Birk including Mount Douka, Mount Kadembel, Jasim, Jana, Jannah, Hattebah, Halet Za’al, Habar, Doama, Damsak, Dushak and Zolraka.


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