307 work-related deaths, over 50,000 injuries recorded in 2015


The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) recorded 307 deaths and 50,787 injuries in 2015.

The data showed that Jeddah recorded the highest number of injuries with 10,288. Riyadh followed with 10,211 injuries. Riyadh recorded the highest number of deaths.

GOSI provides comprehensive medical care for the injured through contracting private hospitals and paying for their treatment according to the needs of each case. Medical care includes diagnosis, treatment, medications, medical requirements and prosthetic limbs. Cash compensations include a daily stipend if the injury leads to temporary disability. The injured worker is given a daily stipend of 100 percent for each day he cannot work and 75 percent if the organization is paying for his treatment.

Payment for complete disability: If a Saudi worker is totally disabled, he is eligible for a monthly payment 100 percent of his salary for the last three months preceding his injury.

The injured employee will be provided periodic medical tests by the specialized medical committee for five years, and the payments will be reviewed according to the estimated disability.

If the medical committee decides that the worker needs the help of others, he gets 50 percent of the compensation on condition that it doesn’t exceed SR3,500. The worker will undergo regular tests for 10 years to evaluate whether he need the aide. After that the aide is provided full-time.

If the injury leads to partial disability of 50 to 99 percent, the worker gets a percentage of his compensation and can benefit from other people’s help if the medical committee decides.

If the disability is less than 50 percent, the injured employee, whether Saudi or not, gets a lump sum in compensation according to the percent of the disability.

If the subscriber is less than 40, he gets 60 percent of his monthly salary. If the subscriber is over 40 the compensation will be decreased according to his monthly payments and equal to those of the years that exceed 40 on condition that the compensation is no less than 36 times.

The lumpsum compensation will not exceed SR265,000 and will be paid to non-Saudi employees in the event of a work injury. If the disability is permanent, the worker gets a payment equal to that of 84 months of his monthly payment with a maximum payment of SR330,000, including the service of aides.

If the injury leads to partial disability of 50 to 99 percent, the worker gets a lump sum that equals 60 months of his payments for a maximum of SR165,000.

If the injury caused the death of the worker, his family gets a compensation for 84 months that will be calculated according to the payment he was supposed to receive, with a maximum of SR330,000 to be divided equally among his family members. The GOSI pays for the body of a non-Saudi who dies because of a work injury to be returned to his country of origin.


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