3-4 p.m. is peak hour for crime, police data reveal

Saudi Police

Contrary to popular belief, the largest number of crimes in the Kingdom takes place in broad day light rather than the dead of night, police statistics show.

According to a security source, the crime rate sharply increases in the afternoon hours because at this time most people will be either resting or in the offices and the streets will be more or less empty.

“Our statistics indicate that a considerable number of crimes including thefts take place between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. across the country,” the Makkah daily quoted the source as saying.

Dr. Nawaf Al-Faghem, deputy chairman of the security committee at the Shourah Council, said criminology pays special attention to this time.

“Criminals seek a suitable place and time to carry out their crimes. No doubt, the timing is an important factor for executing crimes effectively,” Al-Faghem told the newspaper.

Usually the criminals select the time when there is less number of people around. “Most Saudis take rest at home after returning from office around 3 p.m. and thieves exploit this time to execute their plots.”

Faghem called upon citizens and residents to be cautious while taking rest in the afternoon, especially during summer, and take precautions against possible thefts and other crimes.

Former head of Makkah Police Maj. Gen. Assaf Al-Qurashi said thefts and other crimes could take place at any time of the day as thieves execute their crimes exploiting security lapses.

“There is no specific time for crimes but they tend to increase in the afternoon. It has been observed that the largest number of crimes take place between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.,” the former police chief said.

Contrary to common belief, the largest numbers of crimes, especially thefts, take place in the day rather than at night because most people will be away from home at this time, Al-Qurashi said.

He said the mode and timing of crimes have changed with the passage of time. “Criminals are now watching when the street will be free of security patrols and people. Criminology researchers are closely following the various crimes and their timings to enlighten the public,” he added.


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