Islamic rights system honors all human beings

Female members of Shoura Council during a meeting.

Female members of Shoura Council during a meeting.

Centuries before the International Declaration of Human Rights was formulated, our Prophet (peace be upon him), spoke about the true and holy Islamic rights system, which honors all human beings.

Today we live in a Muslim nation in which the government’s administration is based on the solid foundation of Islamic law. It is therefore unacceptable for any organization or individual to use a human rights discourse to question our judicial system or understanding and application of the provisions of God.

The Kingdom’s leadership, as expressed in a statement a few days ago, condemned this criticism, which it said encroached on its sovereignty and attempted to undermine its judicial system.

We all know that such attacks on our social and political systems are a form of political maneuvering supported by actors with various hidden agendas.

These agendas, although ostensibly in support of human rights and justice, are in reality driven by a desire to undermine the sovereignty and independence of states, and damage the image and legitimacy of their judicial systems. The Kingdom has rejected these attempts, and said it would continue to defend the country’s laws and the impartiality of its judges.

The Kingdom previously refused to take up a seat on the Security Council because it judged that the body had failed to live up to its mandate of maintaining international peace and security. This decision by the Kingdom is a clear sign that it refuses to accept the actions of any country, organization or media outlet that denies people their human rights.

I do not believe that human beings, especially Muslims and Arabs, can be deceived by organizations or actors claiming they support human rights for all, especially since they are the very same people disregarding the continual killing of Muslims, and the ongoing international tyranny and terrorism in the Arab and Muslim world.

Where are these human rights advocates when the blood is spilt of children in Syria, Iraq, Burma and other parts of the world? Where are their slogans when there is desecration of Islam’s mosques and sanctuaries? Who is speaking out about the insults aimed at our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

The Kingdom, which is fiercely independent and has a stable leadership, is not an easy target for such false allegations. It is supremely confident in the fairness and integrity of its judicial system, and will never retreat from applying the provisions of Islamic law. This is the law on which the state was built, and that has allowed it to remain stable politically, prosper economically, and avoid regional conflict and unrest.

While maintaining the fundamentals of Islamic law, the Kingdom is moving with complete confidence and determination toward greater modernization, development and judicial reforms, while applying the latest methodologies in terms of litigation and human development. It has severe penalties in place for anyone trying to undermine this system.

To ensure that there is comprehensive protection for people, the reformed judicial system has introduced additional levels of litigation. Individuals can present their lawsuits to Primary Courts, but also Appeals Court, and the Supreme Court, which in turn ensures the proper functioning of judicial processes in line with the principles of Islamic law.

The Saudi government has also enhanced the role of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) to monitor and report violations that infringe on the rights of citizens and residents.

The Saudi judiciary will continue to effectively navigate the waves of rumors and allegations that challenge its legitimacy because its leaders and judges are completely committed to Islamic law.


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