An evil that should be stopped now

Saad Al-Dosari
Saad Al-Dosari

Saad Al-Dosari

By: Saad Dosari

It is time for kids to go back to their schools after their summer break. It is that time of the year when you go out with them to buy bags, new shoes and stationary supplies. It is our bid to prepare them for another year of education with hopes that they will turn out to be productive citizens and will add value to their country, the world at large and will somehow make a difference in their own way.

While you do all that, there are kids, as young as 7 and 8, starting their education by learning what does the word “infidel” mean? What is the difference between a gun and a machine gun? And for their future studies, they need to make a decision; would they prefer to be a “fighter” or a “suicide bomber”?

It is, indeed, a disturbing thing but that is exactly what is happening in areas controlled by the self-ascribed Islamic State — the new sponsors of pure evil.

The evil actions of this group makes one wonder as to how humans could steep so low and how could they become so barbarous to whom beheading is nothing but a sport.

Vice, a news website, uncovered some of this group’s monstrosity through a series of video reports from the heart of the areas they are controlling. At first glance, you would think that it is fictitious, scripted, and those are only actors; there is no way such kind of ideas and mentalities can exist! They are living in a strange world, out of time, out of touch. The horrible news is, they do exist! In one of those videos, a guy who apparently came from Belgium was talking to his kid who is not more than 5. “Are you from Belgium or from the Islamic States?” he asked. “I am from the Islamic State.” the kid replied.

“Do you want to go back to Belgium?”


“Why? What is there in Belgium?”

“There are infidels.”

“What about here?”

“Here, there are Muslims.”

And then came the shock, “What do you want to be when you grow up; a jihadist or a suicide bomber?”

This is the kind of language, the kind of ideas they are instilling in unassuming and innocent minds that are so young to even comprehend what the word infidel means.

The worrying thing is that we Saudis do not seem to be so far away from all of this. Around a week ago, the security authorities announced the busting of a cell that was recruiting young Saudis to join the fighting in Iraq and Syria somewhere near the capital. And before that, came a royal decree denouncing any pertinence to such shady organizations and threatening with law any kind of support — moral or financial. Along these lines, a lot of discussions erupted especially on social media trying to analyze the situation and to figure out if the mentality of IS does exist in our environment, and those choosing the affirmative are asking as to “why and how teachings of the religion of mercy could be abducted and distorted to this extent?”

Such discussions raise the hope to unveil the ugly face of these terrorists. At the end of the day, the truly traumatizing aspect of this whole atrocity is that it is connected to Islam; whenever IS is mentioned, the name of Islam is brought to the picture. These elements are bringing a bad name to Islam by their evil actions.

And this … has to stop.




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