The art of sighting a new crescent


Art of Moon Sighting

Sighting the crescent moon with a naked eye for starting the obligatory fasting in Ramadan and celebrating Eid Al-Fitr is an Islamic Shariah principle strictly adhered to by the Kingdom and many other Arab and Muslim countries, following the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said: “Commence fasting when you sight the (Ramadan) crescent and terminate fasting when you sight the (Shawwal) crescent. But if the sky is cloudy, then, count 30 days of Sha’aban or of Ramadan as the case may be.” Abdullah Al-Khudairy, a Saudi expert in the art of sighting crescent, said that he will start looking for the Ramadan crescent from Monday (Sha’aban 25) until the night of Friday (Sha’aban 29). Ramadan is expected to begin on Saturday. Looking out for the crescent a few days before the holy month will help observe the movements, positions, and shapes of the moon and then pinpoint the exact location of the Ramadan crescent. Al-Khudairy has been watching the Ramadan crescent continuously ever since the Supreme Judiciary Council registered his first sighting of the crescent 30 years ago. He chose a highland in Houtat Sudair, 140 km north of Riyadh, which is also an ideal place for many of those looking out for the crescent. Al-Khudairy said that the court requires testimony of a trustworthy person for starting Ramadan while two witnesses are required for ending the fasting month. — SPA






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